Saturday, 3 July 2010

From Hexworthy to Ferryside

For regular readers of this blog, I apologise for being very quiet lately. The reasons? I’ve been a-travelling. Time travelling? Well, in a sense. In the last few weeks, I’ve been away to two of the most beautiful parts of Britain – first to Dartmoor and then to Wales. I went to Dartmoor with my lovely wife Sue, to join with friends from the Malcolm Saville Society. I’ll tell you more about them soon. We based ourselves in Hexworthy and walked miles across Dartmoor in the steps of characters from Malcolm Saville's 1955 book Saucers over the Moor. Then, I went off to Carmarthenshire in Wales to help out with some family therapy training. I stayed in a little place called Ferryside – and I’ll tell you more about Ferryside soon. So, that’s why the blog’s been very quiet lately, but the good news is that all this (time) travel has inspired me to write some more stories and some more music … and I’ll tell you all about that soon too.

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